Alo Yachts



Alo yachts was founded by Alf Josef Ortang. The first boat was the ALO 28, to his own design. In a 10-year period, over 150 were built. Alf Ortang wanted to offer their ALO 28 customers a larger boat with a little more of everything, and hired Jan Bjerke, who at that time was unemployed young designer, who had worked with Pelle Petterson. The desire was to draw a winning IOR 3/4 tonnner to compete at the upcoming 1976 worlds though Ortang wanted an all-purpose boat. The result, the ALO 33, didn’t sell as well (45 boats) proved expensive to build, as was was discontinued in 1981. Designer Freddy Mikkelsen was commissioned to design the ALO “Mikkel” 26, introduced in 1977. 120 boats were produced in a number of different versions until 1984. The last boat built by Alo was ALO 96 and ALO 96MS, (a motorsailer version). The boat was designed by Finn Møller. During the winter of 1983-84 Alo Yachts was hit by a fire and production was eventually moved to Treungen where consruction of the ALO 96 and 96MS continued until 1987 when the company closed it’s doors. In it’s 17 years of operation, the company built around 400 boats.

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