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Founded by Leonhard Mader. 1956 was the first Flying Dutchman built. 1960 was the first Korsar built. 1962. The first Flying Dutchman in FG. (Epoxy resin with glass fiber.) 1964. The first Korsar in FG, also in epoxy. 1965: epoxy foam sandwich construction introduced. 1972. Became supplier of Finn dinghy’s for the Olympics in Kiel. At the 1976 Olympics in Kingston all boats in the Tempest class were built by Mader, except for one. Brazilian win bronze medal in a Mader Flying Dutchman. In 1977 Dennis Connor wins the Star world championship in Mader built Star. 1980 gold and silver in the Star boat and bronze medal in the FD class at the “trunk-Olympics” in Talin. 1981 Construction of the first Soling and test drives in December 1981 with the Garda Williston Kuhweide. 1984-silver medal in the Star boat, Silver and bronze medal in the FD class at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. 1988 gold, silver and bronze medal in the FD-class, Bronze medal in the Star class at the Olympic Games in Seoul. 1989, the company received the Bavarian State Prize for special technical achievement in a craft At the 1992 Barcelona Olympics with our FD’s the gold, silver and bronze medals won. Thereafter, the Flying Dutchman from the Olympic program. 1999 Construction of the 3-man keel boat “Streamline” Meanwhile, we except Star, Tempest, bird, FD, Korsar and Finn dinghy’s still 470s and 505er in plastic sandwich construction with, where it is allowed, Kevlar and carbon reinforcements. Among the above-mentioned achievements at the Olympic Games can still about 50 world and European championships in Olympic classes and prescribed uncounted German, Austrian and Swiss championship titles, all Mader built boats.

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