(Many thanks to Henry Gomez for his in-depth research into the history of the Sovereign brand. A more detailed account can be found at the link above.) Custom Fiberglass Products of Florida, founded by Robbie Bowen, built the decks, liners, and hulls for Captiva Yachts and Sovereign Yachts. (Sovereign Yachts was founded by Doug Steeg.) When Sovereign Yachts closed in 1988, CFP assumed ownership of the molds, and built a few boats on their own but continued to use the Sovereign name. As a result, one Sovereign model may have have been sold under a number of different names. Many came from a single hull mold, with a deck, interior and rig that also changed from year to year. Summary of the chronology of the Sovereign Yacht building business: **Sovereign Yacht Co. 1978-1988.** Models : 7.0; 5.0 (scaled down 7.0); 17, 18 and Antares 17. The 7.0. 23’, 24’, Anteres 24 all came from the same hull design but had different decks. **Custom Fiberglass Products of Florida. 1988-1994** They were awared the Sovereign Yacht Co. molds. Introduced the Sovereign 20 and began building the Hen boats designed by Reuben Trane in 1992. After CFPF went out of business, Terry Chapman, reportedly a salesman for CFPF, optained the rights to the molds. However it wasn’t until 1996 he started Sovereign 96 but quickly struggled and was bought out that same year by Jim MacDougald who started Sovereign Americs, Inc **Sovereign America, Inc 1996-1998** Out of business. Molds given to Nimble Boats. Address was: 8136 Leo Kidd Ave. Port Richey, FL USA

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